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Military Themed Clothing & Gifts (77 Products)

We have put all the children's Military Clothing and other Military themed Gadgets and Gifts in this section so it is easier to find.
We Stock Official Children's Red Arrows PJ's, Flying Suits and Jackets.
We also stock Children's Black and Olive Green Flying Suits. We have a range of fun patches which would accompany the flying suits or any military clothing brilliantly.
Red Arrows Child's Flying Jacket
A fully lined genuine Red Arrows Children's Flying Jacket.
A perfect gift for any WWII enthusiast . This Willy's Jeep Wooden wall art . A great addition to any 'man' cave. Please note each one is handmade in Yorkshire and not a factory in china so no 2 will be exact .
Children's Olive Green Flying Suits
Children's Olive Green Flight Suit.
World War II Stickers
Fill the skies, with your imagination.
3D Red Arrows Foam Puzzle Plane
An excellent gift for creative people of all ages.
3D Spitfire Foam Puzzle Plane
Bring World War II to life with this iconic plane.
Spitfire - World War II/ Military T- Shirt
From: £19.00
A Unique Military themed blue Print Designed T-Shirt
British WW2 Bombers Military Design T-Shirt
From: £19.00
Unique military themed WWII British Bombers T-Shirt with a Blue Print Design. An ideal gift for anyone interested in WWII British Bombers.
Official Red Arrows Children's PJ's
Official & Licensed Red Arrows Children's PJ's.
Children's Army Camouflage Trousers
Children's Army Camouflage Trousers. In the Woodland Camouflage Design.
Kids Army Camouflage Assault Vest
This Assault vest will hold everything a junior explorer needs.
Helmet Shaped Rucksack
When you are on a mission you have a rucksack you can rely on.
Children's Black flying suit
Children's Black Flying Suit.
Ammo Lunch Box
Protect your lunch from the enemy.
AK 3D Ice Tray
Create frozen bullets for that killer drink with maximum impact.
Gun Ice Tray
Gun Shaped Ice cube mould, for that killer drink.
525 FS Bulldog Embroidered Badge
This badge is ideal for a flight suit.
4 x Grenade Tyre Dust Caps
A pack of 4 grenade design tyre valve caps.
58 SQN Regiment Crest Badge
Ideal for a Flight Suit.
Ammo Tin Gift Box Set
An excellent gift for a small soldier.
Mini Rechargeable R/C Car with Grenade Pattern Controller
Mini R/C Car with a Grenade shaped Controller.
Army Camouflage Jacket
Children's Army Padded Camouflage Jacket. Complete your Woodland Camouflage Soldier Look.
Army Style Sand Bag
One Sand Bag per sale. An ideal item for a den.
Army Towel
A must have for any young soldier.
BBMF Spitfire Embroidered Badge
Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Spitfire Embroidered Badge.
British Army Tanks - WWII / Military T-Shirt
From: £19.00
A Unique Military themed WWII British Army Tanks with a blue print design. Perfect for any WWII fan especially those who love tanks.
Camo Two Colour Face Paint Stick
Complete your camouflage look with this two tone face paint stick.
Camouflage Net
An excellent den making essential. Stay camouflaged from the enemy with this Camouflage net.
Camouflage Style Mug
This Camo Mug is a perfect gift for a Military Person.
Children's Army Bedroom Essentials
Create your very own Army Bedroom!
Tank Tool Multi - Tool Key Ring
3 in 1 Multi - Tool. Flathead, small and large phillips attachments.
Children's Army Camouflage T-Shirt
Increase your camouflage power with this children's camo T-Shirt.
Children's Army Junior Explorer Kit
Everything a Junior Explorer needs in one tin.
Children's Army Padded Camouflage Jacket
This Children's padded Army Camouflage Jacket is perfect for any outside missions as it's very warm.
Children's Army SAS Balaclava
A Black Ops Balaclava especially for children.
Children's Multi Terrain Camo Assault Vest
This Assault vest will hold everything a junior explorer needs.
Children's Red Arrows Official Replica Flying Suit
Official Red Arrows Children's Flying Suit.
Children's S.W.A.T. T-Shirt
S.W.A.T. Design Children's T-Shirt. Why not wear the T-Shirt & the Hat.
Children's Soldier Dog Tags
Army style Dog Tags so you are just like Soldiers in the real Army.
Command Bunker Sign
Keep your enemies from invading your private space with this 'Command Bunker' Sign.
Dakota WWII / Military T-Shirt with a Blue Print Design
A Unique Military themed blue Print Designed T-Shirt. A perfect gift for someone who loves the Dakota.
Kids Army Command Bunker Kit
An excellent gift for a little soldier who is setting up their own Command Bunker.
M1 Abrams Tank Breakthrough Military T-Shirt
From: £20.00
M1 Abrams Tank, Military Breakthrough T-Shirt by The Mountain.
OHT Uniform Military Support T-Shirt
From: £19.00
OHT Uniform, Military T-Shirt by The Mountain.
Olive Green Plastic M1 Helmet
Plastic M1 Helmet.
Plastic M1 Helmet with BTP Cover
A Camouflage Helmet with a BTP cover. Suitable for Adults or Children.
Plastic M1 Helmet with Green Camo Cover
Suitable for Adults and Children.
SAS - Who Dares Wins Patch
SAS Tactical Patch ideal for Flight Suits.
Surplus & Supply Toy Soldier's Rucksack
Surplus & Supply Toy Soldiers Rucksack. An amazing Rucksack that is Unusual and Cool.
Top Gun Future Pilot Tatical Patch
This tactical patch is ideal for a flight suit or jacket.
Toy Army Style Hand Grenade
These Toy Hand Grenades include sounds. They are very life like an ideal toy gift.
Toy Soldier Key Ring
These soldiers are trained to protect your keys!
Toy Soldier with Binoculars Shaped Handle Mug
Toy Soldier Holding Binoculars Shaped Handle Mug.
Urban Camo Gun Slip
An Urban Camouflage Gun Slip idea for a child.
Wooden Private Keep Out Sign
'Private Keep Out' Sign. An excellent finishing touch for any Children's Den or Bedroom.
Woodland Camo Gun Slip
An ideal first Gun Slip for Children in Woodland Camouflage design.
3 Colour Camo Face Paint
3 Colour Camo, Face Paint with Mirror. An essential piece of kit for any under cover operation.
Airfix Quick Build Apache Helicopter J6004
Battle Board / War Gaming Board / Display Board
Ideal for a New modeler or a Wargamer. This is also ideal for displaying your models. COLLECTION ONLY! PLEASE EMAIL FOR DETAILS OF HOW TO COLLECT.
Camouflage Coir Door Mat
A perfect gift for any clean soldier.
Camouflage Laundry Storage Bag
Keep your dirty laundry hidden but safe. An essential item for all small soldiers.
Airfix Quick Build Challenger Tank J6022
Airfix Quick Build Messerschmitt BF-109E J6001
Airfix Quick Build Mustang P-51D J6016
Plastic M1 Helmet with Nylon Net Cover
All soldiers need a helmet like this. The Net enables you to attach camouflage to your Helmet.
Airfix Quick Build Red Arrows Hawk J6018
Set of 3 Toy Dynamite Sticks
Keep the enemy out of your den or command post. An essential accessory for any budding soldier.
Single Tank on a Key Rack
A Tank themed Key Rack. Ideal for any room or any items e.g. Bags, Keys, Clothing.
Airfix Quick Build Spitfire J6000
Stainless Steel 6oz Camouflage Hip Flask
An essential gift for every soldier.
Toy Soldier Reusable Screw Top Bamboo Travel Mug
A perfect gift for anyone who loves to take a Hot drink with them and is environmentally friendly.
Toy Soldier with Gun Shaped Handle Mug
Toy Soldier with Gun Shaped Handle Mug. A very cool and unusual gift for anyone.
Two Soldiers on a Key Rack
An ideal gift for anyone who has an interest in Soldiers.
Two Tanks on a Key Rack
Another Army themed Key Rack. Suitable for clothes, keys, bags etc.
Airfix Quick Build Eurofighter Typhoon J6002
US Soldier - Lifesize Star Cutout
Perfect for a Military themed party or a Military enthusiast. COLLECTION ONLY! PLEASE EMAIL FOR DETAILS OF HOW TO COLLECT.
Battle of Britain Rub Down Transfer Scene
Create your own World War II air combat scene using the large background image and dozens of action rub downs.